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We are the WorBots, a team dedicated to cultivating a culture of STEM in Worthington, Ohio by engaging, inspiring, and impacting. As a member of the FIRST Robotics Competition, we are not just building robots, we are building the future of Ohio’s STEM workforce. In only six weeks, we design, prototype, build, and program a robot, acting as a microcosm of real-world STEM industries and developing crucial skills in youth across our team and community. As a culmination of this work, we seasonally compete alongside thousands of teams from across the globe with sights set on the World Championship.

Continuing Impact

Established in 2012, the WorBots are dedicated to cultivating a culture of STEM in Worthington, Ohio by engaging, inspiring, and impacting our community. We join both Worthington high schools, Worthington Kilbourne (WKHS) and Thomas Worthington (TWHS), as partners in STEM education and inspiration. For twelve years, we have brought STEM to our community sealing the gap between our rivaling high schools to make STEM ubiquitous throughout our community. 

In twelve years, our vision for a K-12 pathway has paved the way for lifelong opportunities starting in kindergarten and extending to careers in engineering. Our work has not just built learning opportunities; it has made a concrete impact through expanded STEM spaces in our district, connections with local leaders allowing us to further build STEM education in Worthington and beyond, and projects expanding STEM where it once was not. As WorBots, we have joined two “rivaling” schools to create an impact felt by thousands—not only cultivating a culture of STEM in Worthington, Ohio but reaching far beyond.


Team Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of STEM in Worthington, Ohio through:

Engaging the community through our STEM

     and non-STEM outreach

Inspiring future generations of lifelong STEM

     learners through our constantly improving

     cohesive K-12 pathway while increasing

     retention and diversity in STEM fields

Impacting our community through giveback

     activities and contributing to the workforce

     with our growing internship programs 

Worthington FIRST Pathway

On the WorBots, we are dedicated to not just reaching students but creating a genuine, lasting impact on the lives of youth within our community. Through starting and funding a cohesive pathway of FIRST teams including 100+ Worthington students K-12 across 5 teams (FLL 44451, FLL 44452, FLL 61943, and FTC 16284), we are providing a sustainable access point to STEM. Through providing student mentorship and consistently connecting with these teams during and outside of their seasons, we are serving as role models and fostering confidence in STEM for youth in our community

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